Data collection patent filed

April 3, 2012

A few weeks ago, right before my 30th birthday, I filed my first patent with the founder of my company Adam Sah and our other engineer and my housemate David Merritt. I dreamt the up the idea while brainstorming lead generation at trade shows that we attend. A large part of my job involves bridging the physical world with the online world and how to share data between the two. We are always looking for ways to make this happen not only faster and easier, which equates to cheaper, but also more accurately.

The patent involves software that is used on commodity hardware such as a cell phone to collect data and use it in a novel way. Unfortunately I cannot share much more information due to the simplicity of the design how easy it is to replicate. We are currently using this technology internally and soon we will be sharing it directly with our customers. Once the provisional is approved I will provide the final document and a demo.

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