New headers and exhaust for the 2002

May 21, 2009

Finally, after redoing my engine, fuel and air delivery, and spark management I have gotten around to putting on a set of step headers to help the motor breathe a little harder. Since I have 4 individual throttle bodies its only fitting that I let that air get out of the motor faster as well. Also, it will help the engine run a little cooler.

Putting the headers on wasn’t all that hard although it was tricky at first getting them to fit around the tie rods. The trick was to turn the wheels all the way to left and they slid right past. Other than that, fitting the exhaust was real chore! I have always had problems with it rubbing on my rear subframe so this time I was determined to get it right. It probably took 2 or 3 different times taking it on and off after driving it around only to find that something was still rubbing. In the end, what worked best was fitting the exhaust from the collector back, fitting it just right, taking it off and pounding it place so there was no chance of movement. After a few hours of work and help from my house mate it was perfect.

Since I have installed it I have noticed a few things. First off my low end torque has improved. Not by a lot but definitely noticeable. Also, the high end power feels quite improved as well. Once I pass 4k it really screams. Finally, I have noticed my coolant temperature being much lower throughout different duty cycles. Overall, a great buy and a noticeable difference. Thanks again to Ireland Engineering for their great parts.

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