Maven2, my first impressions

May 6, 2008

Maven has been a far departure from the usual Ant builds that I have become accustomed to. Now although Ant doesnt deal with dependency management like Maven does I have used Savant in conjunction which worked quite well. The constructs werent complicated, it was getting accustomed to Maven which required me to forget I know everything about Ant; oh yea, and a few days of pounding my head.

After the initial mental exercise I really got to liking it. It allowed me to easily handle multiple-module projects and all their dependencies. It also has great plugin support for anything you can think of, one of my favorite being Jetty (developing locally with Tomcat is for suckers!). I also really like the pom.xml settings as well as profile setting to handle different environments. Anyway, next time I start another project from scratch I will probably take another run with Maven.

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