IE, ImageIO, and Microsoft’s ‘image/pjpeg’ prank

February 28, 2008

Today I came across an issue at work regarding the made up MIME type of ‘image/pjpeg’ while uploading images from IE 7. Java’s ImageIO was choking while trying to upload this type of file because it is not in the list of supported MIME types. The supported MIME type list can be viewed by invoking ImageIO.getReaderMIMETypes(). After reading many blogs of others pounding their head, making fun of Microsoft, and using other solutions like ImageMagick, I found a solution. Add this to your list of supported types and move on. This format is made up and will not cause any problems. Pass the input stream onto your File IO and be done with it. Microsoft owes me half an hour of my life back.

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  1. paul says:

    code eg?

    the mimeTypes array is not updatable.

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