Duck tower for Burning Man

September 7, 2007

I have never blogged about Burning Man before so I figured I may as well start now as I did found a theme camp and have helped to run it for the past two years. Our name is the Duck Pond, named for the night when myself and the other founders met and stuck together for a long night keeping “all of our ducks in a row”. Anyway, this year, one of my many projects was signage. Last year people had a hard time finding us so this year I made sure that wouldn’t happen. Turns out you could see this thing from a mile away! Problem solved. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen from the seamstresses to the tower builders.

Duck tower stands about 30 feet tall in total

Here is a photo of it at night. It really was tremendously bright, especially considering it was powered by only three 75-watt compact fluorescent bulbs.

Duck lit up at night

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