Patio brick work is finished

July 17, 2007

After many many car trips to random houses in the bay collecting 100 year old chimney brick and a days worth of laying we are finally done. We chose a herringbone pattern which was a little more complicated but totally worth it. The whole project was pretty easy just time consuming. A little research, making sure your patio is square, and grading the dirt before the sand is all you need to do. More pictures and a video will follow once the lighting and beds are done.


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  1. peter royal says:

    very nice! when’s the bbq? :)

  2. motech says:

    hey those are my chairs!! : )

    enjoy guys ,
    looks great!

    (cant wait to visit)

  3. motech says:

    ps – needs speakers

  4. Aunt Reenie says:

    John, what a beautiful job you guys did. You inherited your dad’s talent. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  5. matt tedone says:


    Looks like a great job. Be sure you have a long lease. You don’t want your landlord to get a windfall from your hard work and dollars.

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