Spring and Hibernate

March 12, 2006

Spring and Hibernate make Java web application development so much easier I barely remember what I did without them. Despite the steep learning curve, Hibernate especially so, they work so well together thanks to Spring. Spring is probably the most “open” open source framework out there for Java. It can and will play nice with tons of other frameworks like Tiles, SiteMesh, Velocity, JSF, as well as backend technologies like iBatis, Hibernate, ACEGI, and countless others.

I have begun to like them so much at the office that I am using it a home in all of my side projects. This blog will hopefully shed some light on some of these technologies to hopefully give back. Blogs like this are especially important because although these frameworks aren’t relatively new, there can be some holes in the documentation. Two books that helped me through my trouble were Matt Raible’s book “Spring Live!” and “Hibernate in Action”

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