Time for a motor rebuild

January 4, 2006

Besides the fact that my little 4 cylinder is burning oil, its also drawing a lot of attention, as well as polluting horribly so I think its time for a motor rebuild. The odometer reads a little over 68k but it has also stopped. As to whether its 168k or 268k I’ll never know. Nevertheless, its time to yank the motor.

As I said before, I have little automotive experience, however I have been building and tinkering my whole life so I figure I can tackle this one. The first thing I did was found a competent machinist who could deck, place, hone, rebuild and balance. I found a great guy in Livermore, CA named Terry Tinney who I would highly recommend.

Now it was time for disassembly. This was quite simple actually. The hardest part was keeping track of everything. As always, I used my trusty wiki to photo document for reassembly. Also, plastic baggies are clutch. Label and keep everything!

Here are a few shots of the motor pulled out.
Empty and dirty engine bay  Another view of the dirty engine bay

While Terry is rebuilding the motor, I will be scrubbing down the engine bay to get ready for a coat of paint. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering whats up with the specs on the motor! They can be found on the wiki, but also right here:

-Bored, decked, honed, polished head and crank, and balanced final assembly with clutch
-9.5:1 piano top Mahle cast-iron tii pistons
-278 degree regrind (lift int/ex .288″/.288″)
-Crane XR700 optical electronic ignition
-tii exhaust manifold

-Sach’s sport clutch kit
-Weber 38/38

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