Vintage bluetooh handset

September 18, 2005

Bluetooth headset stuck in an old phone

Essentially, all I did was take a bluetooth headset, one of those little ones that fits in your ear, and put it inside a retro looking phone. This is only a prototype, but eventually I will make a more advanced one, this is quite rudementary. The red button you see is the call button. It is used to pick up and hang up the phone. It is also used for voice dialing. The power cord is attached to the phone cord through the back of the phone’s base. Then the power travels up the stock line to a 1/4″ stereo jack right to the base of the phone for easy removal. Thats it. Instant bluetooth handset. It works quite well for being my first go at it. The sound is good and so is the range. The total porject cost was barely $75 dollars.

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  1. watches says:

    gr8 resrch bro…

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