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Multimedia Flash video art project

August 2, 2005

I created this way back in Junior year of college for a class in which I was doing somewhat mediocre due to my lack in the introductory level discussions. Yea, yea. Anywho, I’ve been tuning and tweaking it on a off over time, but here it is. Please dont sue me for the use of copyrighted works. It was for school.

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Brand identity for Grape wine bar

July 21, 2005

A friend of my was attempting to open a wine bar which unfortunately never got opened. In the short time we worked together we went through several iterations but never came to a conclusion. He had a hard time time deciding whether he wanted something modern, traditional or somewhere in between. So, what I try and do with my clients is attempt to jog their thought process. This happens often.




My newest and last Flash movie for my site

March 25, 2005

micro2.gifThis is the final Flash thing that I made for my site. I am not sure why I carried on so long. I guess its because Flash was, at the time, the “flashiest” way to get your message across. I gotta say, it got me some business but its pretty out of date. Nevertheless, is some of my better work and it took many long hours to produce.
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eSec Lending Flash promotion

December 6, 2004

esec.gifWhen I was a Sophomore in college my guidance counselor contacted me for a job. Turned out to be a pretty cool gig and I learned a lot, not just about Flash, but consulting with a larger firm. This was definitely one of my better experiences and they were very sure on what they wanted which is very rare in the consulting business. It took me a total of about 100 hours which is pretty good considering its size. I’d love to do another one but I just dont have the time.

My first Flash site

November 23, 2004

micro1.gifThis is one of my first Flash works and I am still very proud of it. Its always hard to create something usable while your learning it for the first time. Flash is very powerful, yet convoluted language involving multiple events at different points in time. Now that I have moved more in the way of engineering I am going to start to learn Flex.

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Governors Institute of Vermont

September 6, 2004

giv.gifI created this in my e-commerce class for the Governor’s Institute of Vermont. It was a fully case study involving 3 of my other peers. Outside of engineering projects with friends this is the first business-like environment that I was exposed to. It was a great experience and definitely helped me to prepare for the workplace. Unfortunately the site never got launched but here is a working version.

This is also the first larger scale application I have written. I hand rolled a CMS using PHP and MySQL. If I had known more about open source then I probably wouldnt have started from scratch but nevertheless a good experience.

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