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JP Cadoux, the owner and operator of A-1 Imports Autoworks, came to me in a quest to grow his business. He has been in business for himself for over 10 years, specializing in all car repairs, especially Europeans cars. He wants his business to grow as a whole but he wants to focus more on the custom fabrication portion. The cars he creates are extremely clean and meticulously fabricated making him famous, especially in the world of 1970's BMW's.

What we started with

  • A great business with years of skill
  • Loyal clientele
  • Small web site (un optimized)
  • No logo


Our mission is simple. Grow the business as whole in reach as well as appeal to the high performance tuner industry that JP knows much about.


  • Create a solid brand identity around performance and reliability
  • Use the Internet as the medium to find and interact with the performance community (think YouTube).
  • Build cutting edge "blog-worthy" cars to increase buzz and traffic to the web site
  • Properly tune the website for the market we are after and optimize for search engines (SEO).


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