1973 BMW 2002 Restoration

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Welcome! Here I will be documenting my first ever car restoration project. Actually its more of a "rolling" restoration as the car isnt being completely torn down. Anywho, I have a come a long way since the beginning and you can watch me learn as I go along. I am what I like to call an Internet Mechanic. I really had no prior knowledge of cars until now. I learned literally everything I know from the Internet especially my favorite message board www.bmw2002faq.com. I am documenting this project to help others just as I was helped.

Master parts list (all modifications)

Here are the projects in chronological order:         Date            Odometer
Initial inspection and purchase 9.10.05 68k stopped
Fog light installation 9.19.05
Ireland Engineering suspension bushings installed 10.1.05
Complete engine overhaul and rebuild Image: icon_camera.gif BIG Jan '05 rebuild
Removing strut tower spacer to lower the frontend Image: icon_camera.gif 1.8.06 0
Fixing the odometer and clean the gauge pod Image: icon_camera.gif 1.12.06 0
Late 80's E30 M3 starter 2.14.06 10 Miles
Crane XR700 installed Image: icon_camera.gif 3.4.06 485 Miles
Bilstein HD installation 7.24.06 2800 Miles
Electronic Fuel Injection Image: icon_camera.gif BIG 11.24.06 3970 Miles
Under Seat Battery Relocation 11.15.06 3970 Miles
Ireland Stage I springs 12.14.06 4213 Miles
E21 vented rotors with girling calipers 12.14.06 4213 Miles
New carpet and sound insulation 12.29.06 4400 Miles
Raising the sagging rear end Image: icon_camera.gif 1.14.07 4700 miles
Front air dam 5.12.07 5474 miles
Front coilovers 6.23.07 6053 miles
Suspension Techniques sway bars 7.20.07 6573 miles
Ireland Engineering stainless exhaust Image: icon_camera.gif 9.26.07 6800 miles
Chrome bullet mirrors Image: icon_camera.gif 9.27.07 6810 miles
5-speed and 3.91 LSD 7.19.08 7300 miles
Rebuilding center console planning
iPod stereo and amplifier (no head unit) planning

Todo list

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